Wednesday, June 27, 2007

No Broken Bones!

It's good to be home and it's especially good because I made it through with no broken bones! For more in depth racing updates at Nature Valley take a look at our team blog.

Carmen's Quick Recap:

Day 1: Travel day - got settle in with our awesome host family (the Johnsons) they have two beautiful little girls.
Day 2: St Paul Crit - Fast and a lot of crashes
Day 3: Cannon Falls RR - We got the Sprinter Jersey
Day 4: Time Trial and Minneapolis Crit - both flat and fast, kept the Sprinters Jersey
Day 5: Mankato RR - long day with defending the sprinters Jersey - hard circuit, but stayed tough for a 9th place finish. (Felicia took 3rd and Kristin took 5th)
Day 6: Stillwater Crit - dropped chain on 2nd lap - bike change on 3rd lap, race was over before it started. Chased hard, but pulled about 7 laps into it. But the good news NO BROKEN COLLAR BONE!!!!!

I will add photos later. Didn't take that many this go around.

Here is a picture from Paul Forsythe.

Monday, June 11, 2007


I am in Durango having a wonderful time training and visiting. I have had some really good rides this past week, but didn't bring my camera (sorry no picts). This last Sunday I road with a group of wonderful people. Thanks to Larry Goldstein I have a great picture.

This is at Bread (a wonderful bakery) before we took off on a beautiful ride up the valley.