Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Picts from Redlands

Here are some pictures from Redlands... Everyone has to have a chucky doll at there host housing. I don't think people liked getting into bed and finding Chucky, but we sure thought it was funny. Especially when Carmen (our director) found it one night in the drivers seat.

Sara had a hard weekend of racing. Sick and the a crash at the crit left her feeling sore and tired, but she handle it like a rock star and even started the next day. She's a tough chick!

Our host family Rocks!!!

Catherine and Sara looking pretty HOT!
Recovery Ride with Rebecca and Kat Carroll.

Rebecca and Sara - Wow Sara seems to be in almost every photo. What's that about? That's ok we lover her!

Friday, March 23, 2007


I have been having a wonderful time at Redlands this year!

Ten good things and bad things about this trip!
1. Good - No Bronchitis this year! Wow that really makes a difference
2. Bad - limited cell reception at our host housing
3. Good - Found out how to work for a team, much harder than being the only rider on your team
4. Bad - After working so hard - my legs are trashed (especially going up the last climb after pulling for the last 6 miles)
5. Good - Got a massage when we got back!
6. Bad - still can't walk down the stairs
7. Good - roommate Kat Carroll does laundry for me!
8. Bad - realized how hard it is to eat after such a hard stage
9. Good - Our host family is awesome and cooked us dinner tonight - so finally when i was hungry and not trying to force feed myself i ate a wonderful meal
10. Good - (sorry for you OCD people, but I couldn't end on a bad) I really like my team and I am so happy to be part of Aarons!!!!

I will post pictures later!!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

End of the first start of the second

WOW - what a race we finished 3rd! It was fast and flat! There was a little confusion with the lap cards. We saw 5 laps to go and the 2 laps to go. Our team sprinter set up for the final sprint and when hard and finished 2nd, but it wasn't really the final lap. Oops! Rebbecca ended up getting to the front and finished 3rd.

We got to Redlands Monday and the weather has been kind of cold and rainy, but the riding has been good.

We race tomorrow and I am really excited! More to report later.

i forgot my camera cord so I will have to get pictures later.

Our team did start a new blog click here. CHECK IT OUT!!!

My team mate Kat Carroll has more about our trip.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

First NRC

I flew into Fresno yesterday - wow it was a long day!
I got up at 4:30 to catch my flight and then off to my first NRC (national racing calander) of the year. I met up with my teammates and we went to a after school program to talk to some elementary students. Pictures will come later.

It was very adorable ... Questions (comments) like: Ummmm... my dad has a bike, I practice game cube, What happens when your handle bars brake, What happens when all of you guys fall down? It was very cute!

I was a little nervous today, but not as bad as Valley of the Sun race. The race today was an 18mile time trial with a big hill and rolling hills with false flats. It was HARD! I don't know when the last time I did that type of effort. My teammates did great! Kat Carrol got 6th, Felicia got 6th, Rebecca came in 13th, I got 22nd and 25 for Cathrine Powers. So all of us in the top half the the group - fantastic. Check out the results.
Oh and I can't leave out Miss Sarah who was awesome helping us repair for today.

Tomorrow we have a crit in Visalia and I can't wait for Sarah to rock it!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Stuff to sale so I can pay my mortgage

Here is some stuff I am trying to sale so I can pay my mortgage over the summer.

These are specialized shoes that I bought last year and only used for part of the year (due to my broken collar bone). They are awesome shoes, but I can't ware them this year because I have to ware the team shoes. They retail for about $250 at least! I am asking for $100. They are size 39 in European (about 8.5 in us).

This awesome bike has only been ridden a handful of time. It goes along the same lines as the shoes. I bought it and then didn't get to race it b/c of my broken collar bone. It has dura ace components with an fsa crank. I am selling $2900. Size of frame small

This Eddy Merckx has all campy record components with a carbon crank. It is in great condition! It has an aluminum frame (race) and carbon parts (seat post, bars, fork). Size is 50 cm. It has ascent II wheel set (fast!) I am selling for $2300.
Email me if you are interested in any of these items at carmensmall@yahoo.com
I am also selling my zip 404 on eBay right now click here.