Monday, November 27, 2006

The rest of the trip was very intense with a lot of sight seeing. I was too tired at the end of each day to blog so I am trying to catch up now that we are back.
We walked a lot the last two days. We had a wonderful time in NYC, but glad to be back to the normalcy of life and the low stress life in Colorado.

Brandon and I saw almost everything to see in NYC. Here are some pictures:
For those of you who have been to New York (or seen pictures of), try to guess were these pictures were taken. It will be fun.

Lets see how you did.
Pic 1- Manhattan
Pic 2- Central Park lake
Pic 3- Central Park - inside the park
Pic 4- The Guggenheim
Pic 5- Statue of liberty
Pic 6- Statue of Liberty (battery park)
Pic 7- The rebuilding of the Twin Towers (I think they are naming it Freedom Tower)
Pic 8- At the memorial for the Twin Towers (can you spot the crazy lady, she was ranting and raving about who no's what, well I didn't because it wasn't in English)
Pic 9- Looking outside our hotel room, Broadway and 7th
Pic 10- Looking at ground zero

How did you do?

Thursday, November 23, 2006

New York Day 1

(Brandon and I at the airport waiting to board)

WOW we made it!
We traveled yesterday ALL DAY!! It wasn't suppose to take that long, but heavy winds delayed the flight and then we hit rush hour (well that seems to be all the time in NY). The driving here is insane. We were heading through Lincoln tunnel in a bus and all of a sudden four lanes went into one. Not even one merge lane, I am glad I was sitting a couple of rows back.

Once we finally got to our hotel we were pretty tired and starving. I highly suggest to check out the comments on before you book your hotel. We didn't and learned out lesson. The place wasn't too bad, but definitely wasn't what we were expecting. It worked out thought because we really didn't stay there for very long and we have a wonderful place to say at the rest of the time. (Manhattan Sheraton)

Well, we ended up walking with the rest of the tourists and going to times square were we porked out at Buba Gumps. We didn't do much after dinner except walk checking out stores (clothing mostly).

This morning we got up and of course it was raining, but we tuft it out and watched the Macy's thanking parade. We didn't watch the whole thing because the rain really started to pick up, so we went back to our geto hotel and watched the rest of it on TV.

Brandon and I trying to say warm under are $5 umbrella we bought of the street.

Brandon and I trying to warm up in a little Irish pub. We met a gentlemen who recommended an excellent steak house for tonight. So far our encounters with local people has been great.

We are now checked in to our new hotel and it is wonderful. This is also the first place I have been able the blog.

Brandon and I are having a wonderful time and are really looking forward to our nice steak dinner!!!! Maybe this will be a new tradition, no more turkey on Thanksgiving, but STEAK!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Day 2-3 in Durango

Well I didn't have anything that exciting happen while in Durango because it is Tuesday and I am just getting around to write a blog.

Day 2:
I didn't do much today I went for coffee and wrote day 1 blog and then worked out at the gym, it was really cold!

Oh, I did do something fun. I got to pick out our wedding pictures!!!!! Wow, I didn't know they took so many. My girlfriend and mom help - which was really needed, there were a lot to choose from and we got some good laugh in too.

This picture is awesome - a dear in the background. (can you see it?)
Here is a close up

Here are two more pictures that I thought were pretty awesome.
I guess Whitney doesn't like cats because she is kicking this one!

Day 2:
I spent the night at my moms house and woke up to snow! I couldn't believe it.

I did go for an awesome ride and got to the top of a brutal climb and realized I had forgotten my camera. Oh well, I guess you all miss out. I could see all the way to Farmington (New Mexico). Later that day I went an saw Borat and I am now scarred for life. There were some things I could have lived without ever seeing. I wont spoil it, you will just have to go see on your own.

Day 3:
Drove home - it was really beautiful!


Saturday, November 11, 2006

Durango Trip Day 1

I woke up yesterday not looking forward to the long drive to Durango. It is long, but it is beautiful. It usually takes 6 to 7 hours, but I made it in 5 and a half with on stop in Pagosa to see my moms house she's building. I guess I made pretty good time, I only stopped twice.

This dog (Red) comes down the street everyday to hang out with the construction workers.

I jumped on the bike as soon as I got to Durango, I wanted to get a ride in before it got dark. Sucks that by 4:30 the sun is going down. I guess it will time to ride the trainer soon.

My dad and I rode with Dr. G today. Allen, my dad says he is a tough son of a bitch, but I don't think he's too tough since Alison Powers chicked him this year at the Iron Horse. :) Only 5 seconds, but she still bet you Pat!

Here we are at the Bean this morning having some breakfast.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Gosh, I get so excited about starting a blog and then I slack. I guess I got really busy or just really lazy (one of the two you pick).

Not a lot has been going on. I worked at a wine tasting event this weekend distributing water for Fiji. Wow, I never realized how drunk and annoying people got at these events. No wonder why the wine distributors drink the whole time.

This is my sister-in-law, Virginia, setting up for the event. She works for Fiji and is a pro at setting up and taking down. We were ready in no time!

Check out these balloons made into grape clusters, I thought that was very cool!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

First time

Wow I am so excited to start my blog. I really don't have anything very interesting to share with the rest of the world, but it always seems very interesting to me.
I do have some very funny pictures from Halloween. My very best friend and I decided to dress up as 80's aerobics instructors. We had a great time!