Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Brandon and I took my nieces trick or treating tonight. It was a little rocky at first. The girls didn't really know trick or treating etiquette. We recognized this and quickly gave the girls a crash course before we hit the next house. They came home with so much candy, my pore dad and Margaret who have to deal with the sugar high and the sugar crash.
I always enjoy all of the kids dressing up. Subbing today at Miller Middle School was great. We ate candy, watched movies, carved pumpkins, and best of all figured out the circumference, volume, density, and mass of the pumpkins!!!
Savannah in her very cute lady bug outfit.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Church of the High Pines

Today I went on a wonderful ride with the church or the high pines.
Thanks guys for letting me tag along.

I have been in Durango for a week and the views never get old!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I am in Durango now and rode yesterday and couldn't believe how beautiful it is here. How lucky am I to be able to train in such a gorgeous place. Catherine Powers and I on my last training ride in Boulder. I am really going to miss having so many people to train with. I guess I better make some cycling friends here in Durango.

Jody and Lee's wedding was a blast! Congrats to them! Jody, you looked absolutely beautiful. (and Lee you didn't look to bad either)

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

"It Could be worse"

So we headed up to West Palm Beach to visit Kristen and her husband Todd. We went out to dinner at a sports bar and apparently there motto is bigger is better. Kristen even got to watch sports on the TV while going to the bathroom. Here is a picture of Todd and his meal.

Either Todd is a very small guy or the sandwich is very large. You decide.
Then off to the cruise...More rain and this was no fun because it made the waves very large and made me very sick. Brandon and I were one of the few couples who made it to dinner that night. The next morning was overcast and raining, YEA MORE RAIN. We tried to stay positive and headed of the ship to the beach (one of the 6 couples leaving the cruise). Well, I am glad we did because it turned out to be a beautiful day. We hung out at the beach and pool all day. It was definitely one on the best days yet.

So our new motto is "it could be worse." We got to the new Ramada tonight and it was much nicer, no trailer park, "it could be worse!"