Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bad luck, carma, crashes, hopefully it will end!!!

So my last post I was optimistic that my crashing would stop, but that did not happen. I survived the first day at Nature Valley in the rain, but can not say that about the second day. I got tangled up in a crash that went across the road. I picked myself up off the black top, checked my self out, no broken bones just more road rash on top or road rash. I found my bike picked it up and there was no rear wheel. Where did it go???? By this time the race was going up the road and I was one of the last people to get going. I never did catch the peloton, but I was in good company with Chrissy practicing a team time trial trying to catch up. We got to the end circuits, but it was to late, they pulled us and gave us a pro rated time (15min down). That day sucked. So I was going to work for the team the rest of the race. I nursed my wounds and try hard to the best job that I could for my team. My ribs hurt really bad so I ended up not finishing the last day.

I ended up going to the doctors and no broken ribs but separated them. I hope I heal fast because I can't wait to get back out there and race my bike they way I like to.

I am back in Durango for a few days resting up. I head back to Europe for some good training this Friday before I join the National Team to race a few stage races. I hope to take some good pictures, so check back.

I will try to download more pictures from Nature Valley too.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


What can I say about Philly....HOT is the first word that comes to my head. Wow, it was so hot and humid I think I can honestly say it could have been one of the hottest races I have ever done. The team raced really well and we are now in Minnesota where it is not hot. It's raining as I am typing this and will continue to rain most of the week. I thought we left this weather in Montreal!!!! Oh well, part of the job. Here are a few pictures from Philly.
The A-Team at the last round about before the finish.

This little kid was a crack up. He was such a show off for us girls. His proud dad was following behind. I decided to take some picture of him and then he swerved and almost took me out. Not good, I don't need any more road rash.

And I couldn't forget little turtle, he was tucked in bed ready to get some sleep. He's our biggest fan, so he gets tired cheering us on all day.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Side Lined, not fun!!!!

So what do you do at a bike race when you don't race?

1. Pretend to be the assistant swannie
2. Try to help teammates as much as possible
3. Ride in the team car and do math
4. Become a professional photographer (I wish)
5. Help the girls
6. Help more
7. Get bored...so I decided to get unbored the last day

Meredith bought me a turtle to cheer me up!! I am still trying to think of a name, so if you have any ideas let me know. I will take a pole.

So here it goes, the last day I had a bunch of fun with my new pal...

Christina (our super swannie) and Turtle, he helped her set things up before the race

Taking a nap in his pink sleeping bag (it's actually a camera case) he needed to rest up before the big race, we had lots to do. Meredith let him rest on her leg, she is so nice.

Turtle got to ride in the team car and help me calculate points for the QOM. Felicia did a great job and got enough points to stay in the Jersey and when the 35+ Jersey, way to go!!!!

Turtle getting a ride in my pocket to the feed zone.

Turtle getting some caffeine so he can finish out the day strong.

Turtle was very popular, even the announcer wanted to take his picture with him.

Turtle even got his own chair at the end of the day. Just hanging out with the girls!

Turtle needs a name, please help!!!!

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Racing with Aaron's

I have been getting some slack about not blogging so here it goes...

I came back from Europe and the next day flew to Denver to get Lasik Eye Surgery. Everything went well and I am healing up nicely. Trained with friends in Durango and had a wonderful time. The weather was absolutely beautiful until...the Iron Horse Weekend. I think in over 30 years they have had the event it was the first time cancelled, due to snow. A lot of people were very disappointed, but the day cleared up and was actually really a very nice day. The following day was he down town crit and I WON!!!! It was a hard race because Jeannie Longo and Mara Abbott showed up. It was nice to when a home town crit.

I then packed up and headed to Montreal to race with Aaron's Pro Team. The first race was Montreal WC and it was raining, not good! I road at the front of the race to avoid crashes, and believe it or not the on the second lap there was a crash and I ended up running over someone and then got ran over. SUCKY - Look at my knee. I have road rash and am really banged up, but luckily no broken bones. I am going to see how my knee feels tomorrow and hopefully I will get to start the race.

My bike ended up taking a beating too. The handle bars got shaved off and so did my pedal.

Tomorrow we start the Tour de Montreal. Then we will head to Philly, for Liberty Classic and then my favorite Nature Valley in Minnesota. I hope my knee feels better so I can do some racing with Aaron's it's been so long and I want to race my bike!!!!!
Hopefully I will have more pictures soon. Will try to take some this week.