Tuesday, May 06, 2008

What can I say...

I am a bad blogger...I know it's been awhile, again.

Last trip we had I finished of placing 8th at the Elsy Jacobs race then we drove 9 hours home (to Lucca). We got in around 1:30am, man that was a tough one. We were home for a little less than a week and wow I can't even remember what has happened. I remember, I got sick, really sick, so that is my excuse why I didn't blog! Then we traveled to Switzerland to race another WC, Berne, and it wasn't much fun. I definitely wasn't 100% and still am not 100% but oh well. I had to race because you have to start WC with 4 people. I thought that I would start and see how things went. I didn't feel good, but the selection was made on the first lap (10km from the start) and so I thought I would just sit in. I ended up finishing the race, hopefully I didn't make my sickness worse. I do feel better today though.

These are two lemons, obviously very too different types of lemons, but they are both sour. The big one takes a long time to mature. We get to pick the little ones as much as we want, but the big one Pino game me. We aren't allowed to pick the big one's.
Driving back from Switzerland, another long night of driving. We left after the race and got in around 12:30. The drive was beautiful though so it kept me busy looking around at all the gorgeous land.

We (Alison, Swani John, Andrew and I) decided to keep busy by counting tunnels. Who can guess? We counted from Berne to Lucca...How many?

I will post the answer on my next blog, so comment and guess.