Friday, April 25, 2008

A lot has happened...

What have I been doing? It's been so long I don't remember...Let's see

1. Went back to Lucca for some much need rest and recovery. I think I might have said that in the previous blog, but I really, really need it. I also was very excited to get my package for my bday from my mom that had been in customs for 2 weeks, but I never got it. That was sad, hopefully after this trip it will get delivered. Keep my fingers crossed!

2. We heading off to Holland and Belgium again to race Fleche.

3. I had my Birthday in Holland and the restaurant made me this beautiful desert!

4. Raced Fleche (first race as a 28 year old)

5. Had a really good and hard race as a 28 year old. Just look at my face!

6. First time getting away from the group, solo, but not for very long. It was still fun!

7. I loved seeing all the little (or some times big) sheep. They are so cute, especially the little lambs. I got to feed them! They stick there tongue out when they talk.
8. We had a new crew for Fleche. Katheryn Mattis, Christine Thorburn, and Ali's parents.

9. Road the track with our tt bikes to help come up with a better position. I don't have a picture of this, but I do have a picture of Kat's face after it hit the wood. Slick tires and not a lot of speed equals crash on the track. But she was a good sport and got back out there and hopefully dialed in a good tt position for her.
10. I ate a German dinner, Jager Schnitzel, it was pretty good. Here is Kat presenting GERMANY!

11. Katheryn Curi Mattis broke her collar bone again, during Fleche. She was tangled up in a crash going about 50Km an hour and landed hard. We are all so bummed out about it and are sending her healing power! Hang in there Katheryn!!!!

We are headed off to Luxemburg today. We will race tomorrow and then go home (back to Lucca) after the race.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Crashing is never fun!!

This last trip had it's ups and downs, but most of the trip was good. I got through the racing and felt like I actually race, didn't just hang on for dear life. I was able to help my team and be a part of the race and that was really fun! The last race was going really good, legs didn't feel too bad and I was having good positioning for most of the day. And all of a sudden I found myself on the ground, bike on top of me, not moving. WTF! I have to admit that the crash scared me more than it hurt me. I landed on my left side and thought for sure I had broke my collar bone again. I got up handed my bike to our mechanic Andrew and ran to the car. Lucky, I am fine, no broken bones, just some soreness in my back and neck and some really good bruises and road rash! Wow, I was lucky and I am really glad my collar bone held up this time!

I guess it wouldn't be bike racing if there weren't crashes. I was really lucky through out the four races. I avoided probably about 10 crashes all together, but what can you do when you are taken out from behind.

We (Lauren, Alison and I) are back in Lucca recovering and nursing our wounds. Kat Carroll, Christine Thorburn, and Katheryn Curi Mattis will be joining us on Thursday.
Me and this little girl at the presentation, she was so cute and had on wooden clogs.

The girls being silly.

When you see lots of these, you know the race will be windy!

Monday, April 07, 2008


We have been in Belgium for five days now and it has rained 4 of the days. We got really lucky though, race day it was supposed to be one of the worst storms in the century and we lucked out - no rain, snow, but just a little wind. Although we had pretty nice weather the cobbles were still wet and some even muddy from the storm the night before. There were so many crashes and because of my crappy positioning most of the day I was behind all of them. One point I had to run up the cobble section cyclocross style and I have to say calves are very sore today (due to the running). It was definitely an epic day for me and one of the hardest races I have ever done and I am very pleased that I finished Flanders. Not bad for my first time, but I hope next time I race cobbles I do a better job! Sorry no race pictures, but I do have some picture from our training ride.

Out my hotel window, architecture much different from Italy. Pretty in it's own way, but if I had a choice I would pick Italy to live/train any day.
Most of these areas are pretty flat, as you can see my the picture, no mountains in the back ground to be seen. Yesterday there were hill, but they were short and steep. This was a break in the clouds, it seems like the weather is constantly changing. One minute the sun is out and the next it is cloudy, gray, and raining.
See how everything is so's because of all the RAIN!!!

P.S. I did hear someone yell "go Carmen" on the Muur, who could that have been? If anyone knows please tell me.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Fun riding to the Mediterranean

Today was beautiful! We rode to the Mediterranean, had a espresso and then road back. It was a fabulous ride (are you tired of me saying how gorgeous it is here?) Well it is and I am still amazed by it!

Riding along the cost in Viareggio.

Brooke got in last night and will be with us for a couple of weeks.

Big ring (aka Emily), I had to sprint just to catch her up this hill and you guessed it she was in her big ring!

The girls and Jim(he just like one of the girls) at the watering hole. There is one in each town!