Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I finally made it home after 2 days of Airport travel and it has snowed an insane amount in Durango. I haven't seen snow like this since 1993. What a good winter to move back to Durango. Denver (that is were I moved from) has not had a lot of snow and temperatures have been in the 60's! I'm not jealous or anything!

Can you see a car?...

...45min later. Oh, there's the car!

I had to stop because my back and arms started to hurt. Maybe I am not shoveling the correct way, or maybe I have turned into a major wimp when it comes to winter and snow!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Aaron's Team Camp 2008!

So I left snowy Durango to come to rainy Santa Cruz, CA. I am not joking when I say that it has not stopped raining since we arrived to our house in Santa Cruz.

This is the last time that I saw blue sky. What a beautiful sunset, and then the clouds rolled in and that was that.

The first day we had our photo shot and we had a wonderful time playing around and playing model. Man we looked good, a bunch of hot women (not girls CP), I bet the photographers liked that! We got to ride the trainers, to cold and wet (raining non stop) to go outside. This was sad for all of us!

Meredith, Erika, Alison, and Rebecca.

Today we got to go to Specialized! It was awesome. They have such a great facility and the staff is wonderful. We (the team) joined some of the guys and Eron for the lunch time ride. It rained, and rained, and rained some more. But is was really fun and I am glad we sacrificed being out in the rain. It turned into a really fun time and didn't even complain about the rain once. Sorry didn't bring my camera to specialized or on the ride. So here is a picture of Catherine Powers and I.

No one hoards food better than a cyclist! Meredith got a apple pie from Chad (Sram Guy) and we ate some of it in the room. Don't worry, we didn't eat all of it and we, well Meredith shared it with the rest of the girls.

Hope for no rain! It's only a 70% chance of rain tomorrow, better than 90%! For more pictures go to Kristin's Blog!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Pictures, Camp #2

Well, we left sunny California to come to cold and snowy Salt Lake City. But I can't complain that much because we have had such a great experience learning about our bodies and lost of other stuff.

Here is our last ride in Cali, it was beautiful with a high of 70 plus degrees! It was such a nice change from Durango.
Andy and Viggo at the track before we got started. Andy always has his large cup of coffee. He needs it, he had some long days last week.

After Cali we ventured of to SLC to have a packed schedule visiting TOSH. Lucky this was our recovery week so we didn't need to log a bunch of hours on the bike. We haven't ridden outside since we got here, all on the trainer. I guess I better get us to it, I am coming home to very cold weather in Durango. I think the high for most days are some were in the 20's. It is the last day and this is what we have done the past week.
1. Bike Fit
2. Blood Test
3. Physical
4. EKG - my heart is working fine!
5. VO2, LT, and Economy test
6. Nutrition Talk
7. Got our new Skins!
8. Esols!
9. Training Peaks
10. 3PQ test - measures strength
11. Myers-Briggs (what is your personality?)

We (the girls of the group) got to meet with the wonderful nutritionist, Nanna, to learn some easy recipes and talk a little more in depth about nutrition. We cooked up some great food. Here is Chrissy getting all the water out of tofu, she did a great!

Jim, he's practically a girl, got to come and participate in the nutrition discussion. The USADA guy came alone too, I guess he was checking up on us to make sure we were being legal.

I am not home yet, but I get to fly out tomorrow. It's been a long two weeks and am really excited to get home and start practicing everything I learned in SLC!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Track Camp #2

We are back for Camp #2 and I have stayed healthy so far and it's day 3. Last time I didn't post any pictures of the track and how steep it is, I didn't even know how steep it was until I walked up to the top of the corner and looked down. WOW it's almost vertical, you don't even notice it's that steep when you are on it.

This is looking at turn 4.

This is looking down at the track in between turn 3 and 4. It's pretty steep!
I will post more, we are here for 8 days.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Airports, Airplanes, Delays, Packing, Unpacking, etc...

The Flight Attendant: “Sorry for the delay, we are currently having difficulties with the weight of the plane and the conditions. We are either going to have to unload a few passengers or eleven bags.”
Passengers then make unhappy remarks. 10:10, 10:15, 10:25, 10:40 (we were supposed to depart at 10:00). I take a look at my ticket again and my connecting flight in Denver leaves at 11:51. (I think I might make it)

We finally take off and I am hopeful. We finally arrive at DIA and it is 11:30. I think to my self I think I can make it. Hopefully the gate will be close. We are approaching the gate and everyone is getting antsy looking at there tickets and watches. Well, I finally got off the plane, it's 11:46! Can I make it? What do I do?

a. Think to myself here is no way, accept defeat, and head to the help desk.

b. My competitive nature kicks in and I decide to make a run for it.

c. Cause a commotion and yell at the flight attendant for making me miss my flight.

B is the right answer! I get off the plane and take a look at the TV departure times and see, oh yes, my flight is delayed. I am not sure how delayed, so I decide to book it to the other gate pretending that I am some Kenya runner (which is definitely not the case, I won’t run). But none the less I run and I mean run (probably 6 min miles) and make it to the gate. Did I mention that the gate I arrived at was B65 and my departing gats is B15, that’s all the way on the other side of the terminal. I run down the terminal, through the court yard, and down the other terminal. Well, let me tell you my little legs did a great job and I made it, with plenty of time to spare, about 2 hours worth of time. My flight was delayed and I have 2 hours to kill. Good thing DIA has free internet. I guess I got in a good workout!