Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Day 2

Didn't think a 50 plus mile race could be so hard!

My legs didn't feel to great to begin with, not a good thing when you get to the first climb and discover it is a lot steeper than you thought it would be. I attacked right before the base of the climb, not knowing it was coming so soon. My attack didn't work as I was chased down and we headed up the steep pitches I got dropped fast. I hung on and got back into the caravan and back into the main Field. Legs burning, I stayed with this group until about 10k to go and finally didn't have enough to hang on.

Today was a rough day - definitely didn't feel my best today. Oh well, every day can't be a good day and it was bound to come. Hopefully tomorrow I can get my legs back and finish off a better day.

Sorry no picts

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