Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Broken Again

I have been trying to blog for the past week or so and something is always going wrong. My computer was not working or I have accesses to Internet and then when I want to blog the wireless isn't working, my battery dies when I am finished with the blog and trying to publish, etc... So hopefully this time it's a go!

A lot has been happening:
1. Brandon got a job in Durango and we are moving!
2. I had a wonderful last few days at the OTC check out the blog on our team website
3. Started working at CCD (community College of Denver) again. I forget how much I really so like to teach. But I forgot how hot it is in a building with no AC.
4. Crashed along with half of the field at Crit Nationals and broke my clavicle
5. Put tissue under my arm pit to try to help the sweating. Having an arm in a sling and a room at about 80 degrees is not fun. The students looked at me like I was crazy!
6. Went to the doctors, more xrays
7. Got a CT scan. I have an acute fracture in the dense callus of the subclavicle
8. Still waiting to see what the doctor has to say about different options
9. Surgery or not?

I don't have any picture right now. I do have some great ones that I will try to post later.

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