Monday, February 02, 2009

For all of you....

....that thought I was complaining or bitching or not having a good time in Italy because of my last blog (it was ment to be funny). This one is for you...
My roommate, teammate, and buddy Carly. She makes me laugh and teaches me Aussie slang, like "I need some T sauce for my snags.”

The riding Toscana is wonderful. There are so many great climbs!!! And the country side is beautiful.

Going to the pet shop in Italy...It looked a little different, no cute puppies and kittens. Instead there was this mangy old cat that Carly thought was sooo cute. It wasn't in my opinion and it smelt bad. I am not a cat lover what can I say.

My roommate, wait I mean roommates donkey, and Flavia the other American.


My favorite pizza with breasola and arugula.

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