Friday, September 11, 2009

Pictures and stuff...

I think I should start uploading all the picture in large! Can you see me??!!?? Yes I went mountain biking. Ok, I should back up... I know I haven't blogged in a long, long time. But you see, there is this thing called Facebook and it has taken over. But I realize that not everyone has facebook so I am going to start (well hopefully) blogging again. So I have been racing my bike a lot! Did some stage races in the US and went back to Europe to race La Route De France. After La Route I came back and needed a break from the road so my wonderful boyfriend took me out on the mt bike. We had better luck this year! No "tests of our relationship"...and we even did a high country ride. Take a look....

First time this year on the trails...tearing it up! I even dropped Ben, then I discovered he stopped to pump up his tire! But I will take it!

Hi country ride. It was so beautiful up there!

Again, me catching some mad air...ok, that never happened. But I didn't crash!

Ben on the high country ride. He was recovering from his head injury and still kicked my butt! How can he go so fast!?! I really need to practice more...but sadly I don't think that's the problem!

Is this face directly related to his head injury...well, no I think it's a suffer face bc I put the hurt on that day in the Gulch. I rode so hard I had to get off the bike and sit down. And then later that day Ben called it his "recovery day." WTF that was such a hard day of training I had to take the next day off! This mt bike stuff is really hard!

And then....I had to join Colavita at the Gateway Cup Crits and CRASHED big time. I think this has to be the worse crash for me ever. And I have had a few! I crashed into the barriers going about 30mph head first. NOT GOOD!

This is my arm...stitches...4 inside and 6 outside. OUCH!!!! This actually doesn't hurt as bad as it looks. My head hurts the most. Well, it's getting better ever day. I am on day five so head aches are at a minimum, but man does my neck hurt. Going to go see the magical Dr. Frank on Monday! Hopefully he can give me some relief!

So it's the end of the season officially! I am excited to take some time off. Maybe go to some races with Ben and be his support! Maybe take a real vacation at some point, oh and start work. So if you are a teacher for Durango School District and need a sub, let me know! I am available.

Oh! and the BIG NEWS! I signed with Colavita again for next season! Very Excited!

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