Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Day 2-3 in Durango

Well I didn't have anything that exciting happen while in Durango because it is Tuesday and I am just getting around to write a blog.

Day 2:
I didn't do much today I went for coffee and wrote day 1 blog and then worked out at the gym, it was really cold!

Oh, I did do something fun. I got to pick out our wedding pictures!!!!! Wow, I didn't know they took so many. My girlfriend and mom help - which was really needed, there were a lot to choose from and we got some good laugh in too.

This picture is awesome - a dear in the background. (can you see it?)
Here is a close up

Here are two more pictures that I thought were pretty awesome.
I guess Whitney doesn't like cats because she is kicking this one!

Day 2:
I spent the night at my moms house and woke up to snow! I couldn't believe it.

I did go for an awesome ride and got to the top of a brutal climb and realized I had forgotten my camera. Oh well, I guess you all miss out. I could see all the way to Farmington (New Mexico). Later that day I went an saw Borat and I am now scarred for life. There were some things I could have lived without ever seeing. I wont spoil it, you will just have to go see on your own.

Day 3:
Drove home - it was really beautiful!


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bfisk said...

love the cat photo. keep the blogging going i am so proud of you for starting one.