Saturday, November 11, 2006

Durango Trip Day 1

I woke up yesterday not looking forward to the long drive to Durango. It is long, but it is beautiful. It usually takes 6 to 7 hours, but I made it in 5 and a half with on stop in Pagosa to see my moms house she's building. I guess I made pretty good time, I only stopped twice.

This dog (Red) comes down the street everyday to hang out with the construction workers.

I jumped on the bike as soon as I got to Durango, I wanted to get a ride in before it got dark. Sucks that by 4:30 the sun is going down. I guess it will time to ride the trainer soon.

My dad and I rode with Dr. G today. Allen, my dad says he is a tough son of a bitch, but I don't think he's too tough since Alison Powers chicked him this year at the Iron Horse. :) Only 5 seconds, but she still bet you Pat!

Here we are at the Bean this morning having some breakfast.

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