Saturday, February 17, 2007

Day 2 of VOS

I forgot how bad the wind can kick your ass!
We started the race today and attacked with a vengeance from the line. The race was fast and windy. The wind was at our backs up the climb, which was nice, but the girls just got faster. The first time up the hill wasn't bad. The second time up the hill was a QOM and I was in good position and my legs just wouldn't go for the sprint. Then the field split and from then the race just got harder. I stayed in the brake and was really happy to be finished with the 3rd time up the hill. I just needed to hang on and finish with the group. Hang on is what I did and finished just behind the group. Me and two other girls popped up the climb. Oh well, I am happy with my finish today I don't know what place (7th I think), and hopefully I stayed in the top 5.
My legs are tired, but I need to rally for tomorrow!
My wonderful dad (he's been my taxi) got some pictures today so I will have him email them to me and I will post them.
Think good thoughts for tomorrow!!!

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