Sunday, September 30, 2007

Ft. Lauderdale + Ramada = Lame!

Brandon and I are on our vacation and it has been very interesting. The first two nights we stayed in Miami Beach and it was awesome. We stayed right by the beach in the art deco district. The hotel was really nice, with clean rooms and a roof top bar. We hung out with Miles (who just moved here from Denver) both nights. He showed us a great time. We ate great food, laid on the beach, road the cruiser bikes down the beach path, and went shopping. Brandon and I on the deck waiting for Miles before we headed out to a magazine premiere for Miles work. A lot of "fancy" people at this event.

We were very satisfied with our vacation so far...and then we headed to Ft. Lauderdale and a black cloud has been following us around ever sense.

I hate this place!!!!! We checked in to our hotel (this all inclusive 4 start resort - NOT) and the people were RUDE, the hotel is DISGUSTING, swimming pool BROKEN, fitness facility SUCKS, our 4 star resort view is a TRAILER PARK, and it's been RAINING so we can't go to the beach!

So my awesome teammate is going to rescue us! We are going to go to Kristin's house this afternoon and stay the night with her. We leave the tomorrow to go on our cruise and I can't wait.
I probably wont have Internet on the cruise, so I will blog when we get to Orlando in a couple of days.

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