Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Training in Livigno!

I haven't blogged in awhile because I had nothing good to blog about, but last week I was in Livigno training and it was absolutely the best week ever!!!!!! I have never seen so many beautiful views, the pictures don't do it justice. The training was awesome, I have never climbed so much in my life. The weather was spectacular too.

So lets see...what haven I been doing.

After racing with Aaron's I had a short break at home and then I was off to Lucca, Italy again. It was a crazy day, my flight was cancelled, then redirected and finally ended up in Florence. I was picked up, no bags, and the ride home was really, really hot (no AC and about 90+ degrees). But I was fine actually and very happy to be at my second home in Lucca. It's amazing how much you can feel at home in a place when you haven't even spent that much time there. I trained for a couple of days and then took the train up to Livigno. Every day the riding was awesome, the food was great, and it was wonderful seeing a new place. What an adventure! Here are some pictures.

Climbing one of the many passes in the Alps.

Me starting to suffer a little. Look at the snow! This was the only day there were clouds in the sky. I lucked out, 30min after I was done with my ride it started to rain.

Lots of animals roaming around. I loved these little sheep, especially the baby ones.

He was so cute and fuzzy. I am such a sucker for the baby animals!

Me on another climb, I can't even count how many climbs I did!

Oh, Stelvio! Wow, this was an awesome day. Not kidding 48 switch backs.

Getting to the top!

Almost there!

I am one tired girl after doing that climb.

Always in Italy, cappuccino, it's the best!!!


Sharon said...

the riding, the views and the cappucino...SWEET!

Anonymous said...

Look at you!! I knew you would be drinking coffee by the end of the season!! Good work! See you soon.

Kathie Reid said...

Ahhh, you're killing me! I rode the Stelvio in September ... I so want to go back! Thanks for blogging when you can, as it's fun to read your European adventures!