Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bad luck, carma, crashes, hopefully it will end!!!

So my last post I was optimistic that my crashing would stop, but that did not happen. I survived the first day at Nature Valley in the rain, but can not say that about the second day. I got tangled up in a crash that went across the road. I picked myself up off the black top, checked my self out, no broken bones just more road rash on top or road rash. I found my bike picked it up and there was no rear wheel. Where did it go???? By this time the race was going up the road and I was one of the last people to get going. I never did catch the peloton, but I was in good company with Chrissy practicing a team time trial trying to catch up. We got to the end circuits, but it was to late, they pulled us and gave us a pro rated time (15min down). That day sucked. So I was going to work for the team the rest of the race. I nursed my wounds and try hard to the best job that I could for my team. My ribs hurt really bad so I ended up not finishing the last day.

I ended up going to the doctors and no broken ribs but separated them. I hope I heal fast because I can't wait to get back out there and race my bike they way I like to.

I am back in Durango for a few days resting up. I head back to Europe for some good training this Friday before I join the National Team to race a few stage races. I hope to take some good pictures, so check back.

I will try to download more pictures from Nature Valley too.


Anonymous said...

Carmen! You crashed AGAIN! oh no!
road rash on top of road rash - that's never good.

that mean good things are bound to come.


Debbie said...


Please pass this on to your Dad to read, I think he will find it interesting.

Thank you.