Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It's official...

Over the past month I have been up to A LOT! As you know from my previous blog I was released from Michela Fanini and back to the states from Europe. Though I do miss Europe, racing, and my friends. I don't miss the team stuff, so I would say it was the best decision. I have been back in Durango only a little more than a week and it feels good to me "home" and seeing my friends and family.

So I wont keep you on the edge anymore about "It's official".... actually several things!

1. I am officially living at my parents house until August. It's really not that bad, they are great and fun to be around. Plus with racing I am almost never there.

2. It's officially summer in Durango...hit a high of 90 yesterday.

3. It's official that The Steaming Bean in Durango changed owner ship and I think Durango Coffee might have some competition....

Ok, just teasing you (well all that stuff is true) but I will get to the real news....

4. I am officially Carmen M Small again!
Now I just have to change everything. It feels good, but it's such a hassle to change your name...maybe that is why I put it off for so long. ;)

5. I am officially a team member of Colavita Sutter Home presented by Cooking Light!
I am totally excited about joining this team! I had such a great time with them racing at the SE crits and can't wait to race again!

I will try to be better about pictures...this weekend we have the Iron Horse in Durango. I am not doing the RR but I will race the crit. Try to get some good picts from that. And Durango is beautiful so I will try to be better and get some stuff up.

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Matt said...

It's always good for to reboot the soul from time to time. Welcome back and enjoy the riding in the one of best places to do it.