Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Stuff to sale so I can pay my mortgage

Here is some stuff I am trying to sale so I can pay my mortgage over the summer.

These are specialized shoes that I bought last year and only used for part of the year (due to my broken collar bone). They are awesome shoes, but I can't ware them this year because I have to ware the team shoes. They retail for about $250 at least! I am asking for $100. They are size 39 in European (about 8.5 in us).

This awesome bike has only been ridden a handful of time. It goes along the same lines as the shoes. I bought it and then didn't get to race it b/c of my broken collar bone. It has dura ace components with an fsa crank. I am selling $2900. Size of frame small

This Eddy Merckx has all campy record components with a carbon crank. It is in great condition! It has an aluminum frame (race) and carbon parts (seat post, bars, fork). Size is 50 cm. It has ascent II wheel set (fast!) I am selling for $2300.
Email me if you are interested in any of these items at carmensmall@yahoo.com
I am also selling my zip 404 on eBay right now click here.

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