Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving and Snow

Well, it has been absolutely beautiful weather the past couple of months and it was bound to happen that we would get some snow. I guess I just wasn't prepared to get 5 inches in one day.

Thanksgiving was awesome, we (Anne Slam, Brandon, Molly Hummel, and I) road to Vallecito Lake today. It was gorgeous weather and I was actually hot at times. (b/c I was overdressed not because it was 80 degrees)
My dad took some photos of all of use, but didn't realize it was on video setting so I have no pictures of the gang, but two short videos. Here is Anne showing off that she really was a Vallecito.

We had great food, wine, and fun at my dad's house. Brandon and I took the kids over to the park to play. I think Brandon had more fun that the girls. Just look at his face!

The next day I wasn't prepared for all the snow. Anne and I took
the girls to Miller Middle School and played in the field. Little Carmen wanted to get berried, so we all joined in the fun of covering her with snow. I guess when you are 6 years old you don't care about how cold and wet you are going to get.

I guess it is time to suck it up and start training in the freezing cold weather. I just can't wait!!! Right!

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