Saturday, December 15, 2007

Track Camp

This is day 2 at Track Camp and I am SICK! SUCKS!

I know I have been a bad blogger, but I have been very busy working, trying to training, and trying to stay warm.

So I am was off to sunny LA and couldn't wait for the warm weather! I arrived Thursday and we put our bikes together and road to the beach.

Alison Powers, Kristin Armstong, Katharine Carroll, and Lauren Franges.

Day 1 of Training Camp:
1. Road for the first time in pursuit position

2. First time doing a standing start - man that was hard

3. First time doing a pursuit - was really fun, not as scary as I was anticipating

4. First time to go that fast on a track

5. First time to change a gear - Thanks Andrew for your help!

Here I am during the warm up for the day.

This is Kat, Alison Powers, and I doing a flying 1500. This was really fun, much better than doing it by your self.

It was Alison's Birthday, so we went to the cheesecake factory.

And yes we did sing her happy birthday. Here is her bday cake, it was delicious.

Last night after we got back from dinner, my throat started to hurt. :( Kristin game me oil of oregano and wow does that stuff burn and taste bad. We will see if it works.

Day 2 of Training Camp:

Woke up this morning and my throat still hurts. Road over to the track with the girls. Did warm up with them. Look how steep the turns are. I was later sent back to the hotel to rest and get better. I have been downing the zinc and airborn. Hopefully I can get better before if gets worse. I slept a lot today and feel a little better right now. Send good thoughts to me so I can get back out there!

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