Thursday, December 20, 2007

Track Camp Finished

I have no pictures, sorry. It is kind of a bitter sweet for me leaving track camp. I missed out on a couple of days so I wasn't ready to leave the track. But I am excited to go home and start feeling better.

I am still pretty congested and it has now moved into my chest. I have developed this nice deep cough. I get some pretty awful glares at the airport with this nice cough. On my first flight before we took off, I had a coughing fit and the lady that was sitting in my row got up and left. She moved to another open seat. (I guess I would have done the same thing)

All in all I did have a good time at camp. I wish I could have been healthy, but at least we have one more in January!

Good luck to the girls who are doing the World Cup. Go fast, turn left, and don't stop pedaling. I am sure you all will kick some a##!

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