Monday, December 31, 2007

It's not cold here!

I got so sick of the cold weather and riding inside, I picked up and headed down to Phoenix. It was so nice today I road in Shorts! Do you see the sun in the upper left corner? Yea that's right you Coloradoans no snow on the side of the roads!

Do you notice anything different about this cyclist? (hint look at the head, our bike line bikers don't look like this) For some reason this really amused me.

My awesome coach, Corey Hart, hooked me up with a place to stay at his clients house down in Phoenix. Melissa and Art, they are wonderful! Oh, and I can't forget there very cute dog Ouray. The first night I got to Phoenix they cooked me a steak dinner! Tonight we are having smoked salmon!
Happy New Years! Can't wait to ride tomorrow.
Sunny weather = Happy Carmen

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Alison Powers said...

Happy Carmen is good. I'm glad. See you soon!!! Yeah for the pain cave...