Saturday, January 05, 2008

Airports, Airplanes, Delays, Packing, Unpacking, etc...

The Flight Attendant: “Sorry for the delay, we are currently having difficulties with the weight of the plane and the conditions. We are either going to have to unload a few passengers or eleven bags.”
Passengers then make unhappy remarks. 10:10, 10:15, 10:25, 10:40 (we were supposed to depart at 10:00). I take a look at my ticket again and my connecting flight in Denver leaves at 11:51. (I think I might make it)

We finally take off and I am hopeful. We finally arrive at DIA and it is 11:30. I think to my self I think I can make it. Hopefully the gate will be close. We are approaching the gate and everyone is getting antsy looking at there tickets and watches. Well, I finally got off the plane, it's 11:46! Can I make it? What do I do?

a. Think to myself here is no way, accept defeat, and head to the help desk.

b. My competitive nature kicks in and I decide to make a run for it.

c. Cause a commotion and yell at the flight attendant for making me miss my flight.

B is the right answer! I get off the plane and take a look at the TV departure times and see, oh yes, my flight is delayed. I am not sure how delayed, so I decide to book it to the other gate pretending that I am some Kenya runner (which is definitely not the case, I won’t run). But none the less I run and I mean run (probably 6 min miles) and make it to the gate. Did I mention that the gate I arrived at was B65 and my departing gats is B15, that’s all the way on the other side of the terminal. I run down the terminal, through the court yard, and down the other terminal. Well, let me tell you my little legs did a great job and I made it, with plenty of time to spare, about 2 hours worth of time. My flight was delayed and I have 2 hours to kill. Good thing DIA has free internet. I guess I got in a good workout!

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