Friday, January 25, 2008

Aaron's Team Camp 2008!

So I left snowy Durango to come to rainy Santa Cruz, CA. I am not joking when I say that it has not stopped raining since we arrived to our house in Santa Cruz.

This is the last time that I saw blue sky. What a beautiful sunset, and then the clouds rolled in and that was that.

The first day we had our photo shot and we had a wonderful time playing around and playing model. Man we looked good, a bunch of hot women (not girls CP), I bet the photographers liked that! We got to ride the trainers, to cold and wet (raining non stop) to go outside. This was sad for all of us!

Meredith, Erika, Alison, and Rebecca.

Today we got to go to Specialized! It was awesome. They have such a great facility and the staff is wonderful. We (the team) joined some of the guys and Eron for the lunch time ride. It rained, and rained, and rained some more. But is was really fun and I am glad we sacrificed being out in the rain. It turned into a really fun time and didn't even complain about the rain once. Sorry didn't bring my camera to specialized or on the ride. So here is a picture of Catherine Powers and I.

No one hoards food better than a cyclist! Meredith got a apple pie from Chad (Sram Guy) and we ate some of it in the room. Don't worry, we didn't eat all of it and we, well Meredith shared it with the rest of the girls.

Hope for no rain! It's only a 70% chance of rain tomorrow, better than 90%! For more pictures go to Kristin's Blog!

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