Friday, June 06, 2008

Side Lined, not fun!!!!

So what do you do at a bike race when you don't race?

1. Pretend to be the assistant swannie
2. Try to help teammates as much as possible
3. Ride in the team car and do math
4. Become a professional photographer (I wish)
5. Help the girls
6. Help more
7. Get I decided to get unbored the last day

Meredith bought me a turtle to cheer me up!! I am still trying to think of a name, so if you have any ideas let me know. I will take a pole.

So here it goes, the last day I had a bunch of fun with my new pal...

Christina (our super swannie) and Turtle, he helped her set things up before the race

Taking a nap in his pink sleeping bag (it's actually a camera case) he needed to rest up before the big race, we had lots to do. Meredith let him rest on her leg, she is so nice.

Turtle got to ride in the team car and help me calculate points for the QOM. Felicia did a great job and got enough points to stay in the Jersey and when the 35+ Jersey, way to go!!!!

Turtle getting a ride in my pocket to the feed zone.

Turtle getting some caffeine so he can finish out the day strong.

Turtle was very popular, even the announcer wanted to take his picture with him.

Turtle even got his own chair at the end of the day. Just hanging out with the girls!

Turtle needs a name, please help!!!!


Anonymous said...

I say be original and name him Turtle

Anonymous said...

not turtle Flea, just turtle

that's my (Flea) suggestion

Anonymous said...


bfisk said...


JonoProfiSC said...

mebbe donatello?
Tu Pac?
i still like Speedy.
how about Oliver?

Oliver likes to help out.
Oliver is sleeping in a sleeping bag.

thats how oliver rolls.

JonoProfiSC said...

because, look at him, he is quite astute.