Sunday, June 01, 2008

Racing with Aaron's

I have been getting some slack about not blogging so here it goes...

I came back from Europe and the next day flew to Denver to get Lasik Eye Surgery. Everything went well and I am healing up nicely. Trained with friends in Durango and had a wonderful time. The weather was absolutely beautiful until...the Iron Horse Weekend. I think in over 30 years they have had the event it was the first time cancelled, due to snow. A lot of people were very disappointed, but the day cleared up and was actually really a very nice day. The following day was he down town crit and I WON!!!! It was a hard race because Jeannie Longo and Mara Abbott showed up. It was nice to when a home town crit.

I then packed up and headed to Montreal to race with Aaron's Pro Team. The first race was Montreal WC and it was raining, not good! I road at the front of the race to avoid crashes, and believe it or not the on the second lap there was a crash and I ended up running over someone and then got ran over. SUCKY - Look at my knee. I have road rash and am really banged up, but luckily no broken bones. I am going to see how my knee feels tomorrow and hopefully I will get to start the race.

My bike ended up taking a beating too. The handle bars got shaved off and so did my pedal.

Tomorrow we start the Tour de Montreal. Then we will head to Philly, for Liberty Classic and then my favorite Nature Valley in Minnesota. I hope my knee feels better so I can do some racing with Aaron's it's been so long and I want to race my bike!!!!!
Hopefully I will have more pictures soon. Will try to take some this week.

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JonoProfiSC said...

i am in a foto, as your twin!!!! lets see it, along with more wounds and the speed draw shot of julie.