Saturday, October 04, 2008

What to do in the off season...

1. Play women's volleyball and get so sore I can't even walk

2. Go mt biking and have to walk 2hours of the 6 hour ride...more to this story that I will not share because it will just piss me off! And you better believe I got sore from all the walking!

3. Start working again...Subbing can be so much fun and it can be not so nice!

4. Help friends move and get even more sore.
5. Soreness was going away so I started lifting. I am not one to take it easy so I got sore again.

6. Have time to go to Bread and eat a lot of yummy food and drink great Lattes!

So I guess all in all, I complain a lot in the off season! I am so glad that I am going to do cyclocross so I can stop being a wimp!

Beautiful Country side in Toscana.

If I was Italian this would be my name!

I think our country side is just beautiful as Italy. We are so blessed to live in such a beautiful place. This was in the high country, by Coal Bank.

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