Friday, May 11, 2007

Day 1 of Racing

Wow what a day we started in the rain and ended in the rain, but most importantly we WON!!!!!

Kat Carrol (aka bad ass) sprinted Laura VanGilder for the win. The race started out pretty low key with a few attacks from Target Training, Webcore and some other small team. Nothing got away. We started the climb and webcore set tempo for a while and then some attacks, nothing got away. Our team set tempo for a while and then a smaller team got away solo, no one wanted to chase. The person put in a good effort and got almost 2 minutes into us and then we started to Chase. We caught her with about 15miles to go and nothing else went. It came down to a sprint!

We are back at the host house and resting. Tune in for more tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

nice job!