Saturday, May 12, 2007

Hard Day

I had a lot of first time experiences today.
  • got a flat in a race
  • chased back to the pack through the caravan and then through all the people who got dropped
  • followed my teammate the rest of the way to the pack
  • helped pulled a teammate back from getting a mechanical
  • raced a double day (RR and the an up hill tt)
  • took a picture of a one eyed pug

Our team had a rough morning, but it ended well with our teammate Kat Carroll holding her position as race leader.

I don't have any race pictures for today but I do have pictures of the one eyed pug named Chad.

Chad obviously has only one eye, but what you don't know is that his tong always hangs out on the right side. Even when his mouth isn't open. They even have a picture on there wall of him with his one eye and tong hanging out.

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