Thursday, May 31, 2007

Mt Hood

We are in Hood River racing Mt. Hood Stage Race. It is beautiful here but really, really HOT! I think yesterday it was mid 90's and today high 80's a big change from last years rain and snow.

Stage one: Pro log
This was a 3 mile time trial. Kat Carroll was 3rd, Kristen was 5th, Felicia was 9th, I was 14th, and Michelle was 28th. It was short and sweet - over before you new it.

Stage two: Road Race 86miles
This day was long and slow. No one wanted to work. Value Act did most of the work - they were in the leaders jersey. We had three hard efforts for the QOM (Queen of the Mountain). And then the down hill finish. This stage was bitter sweet. We won the QOM - we had awesome team work and set Felicia up perfect each time. Felicia did an awesome job of securing her win. The finish was a bit crazy. It was down hill sprint and we just ran out of people to do work to have a good finish. Didn't end up with any stellar results. But we do have the climbers jersey.

Stage Three: Circuit Race 66miles
This was an awesome day. We had great team work and had a bunch of fun. I attacked on the second lap and my teammate Kristen attacked and got away for 2.5 laps solo. She was amazing! She got caught 2k to go and then Kat Carroll and Felicia put in a great attack which they ended up one and two for the stage. We road smart and had a great plan from the start. Wonderful. We are now in the leaders jersey and climbing jersey. WOW what a day.

More to come....
We all took turns at different elementary school and did bike presentations. The kiddos were so cute!

Previewing the time trial course for Friday. It is a really gorges course!

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