Thursday, May 10, 2007

On the Road Again

Joe Martin Stage Race!

I am so happy to be racing again. It has seemed like it's been two months, but it's really only been three weeks.
We arrive, to Fayetteville Arkansas yesterday afternoon. Our host family is wonderful and the house is gorgeous! Our host family Mom took us on a little ride around town. It is really pretty here.

Michelle and Felicia on the back road of Fayetteville.

Felicia and I trying to take a picture while riding, not a good idea before a race. We didn't crash each other out, but it was pretty tricky!

Today we road the tt course. The day started out really nice and then after our second time up the course it started to rain and oh did it rain! Then when we got back to the van the clouds parted and birds were signing. Of course, Murphy's law.

The girls in the van. Starting in the front Michelle, Catherine, back seat (behind Catherine) Sarah, Felicia, and Kristen.

A huge bug caught a ride back to our host housing and wow it was big.

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Sharon said...

Yay - you blogged!

Good luck this weekend, tear it up!