Monday, March 03, 2008

Almost Home

I successfully completed my first international stage race and World Cup! I had a wonderful time the past two weeks getting to know new team mates and race my bike.
Our wonderful swanee found this golf course were you could eat dinner and see kangaroo's. It was awesome, there was so many just hanging out eating the grass. I think this was a momma and a baby.
We got to New Zealand last week and it was absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately I didn't take a lot of pictures, I was really tired most of the time and the didn't have time to "site see." Luckily Alison is sharing pictures with me so between her pictures and mine I have some to share!
This is a group of school kids who presented at our pre race introduction. They danced and sang for us. They performed the Haka, which is a tribal dance performed before going into battle. The all blacks (rugby team) performs the dance before they play. It is really cool check out this website.
We had a five hour lay over in Sydney, so Chrissy, Alison, and I left the airport and walk to a little town called Wallie Creek. It was great, we found a coffee shop at lunch and relaxed. Much better than sitting in the airport for 5 hours!
I have more pictures on my camera, so I will down load them and put them on the blog when I get home. DIA has free internet, so I can pass my time by writing a blog!

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