Saturday, March 08, 2008

Pictures and Stuff

Well, I am almost recovered from the hard racing and brutal travel. I think I traveled for 32 hours straight! That sucked!

I am back in the cold weather and hating it. I left 90 degree weather to come to the cold land of Durango and it's been in the 30 and 40 the past week. Well, at least the roads are clear and I can ride outside and I don't have to be on the trainer.

Feeding seagulls french fries, wow they loved them, they came by the hundreds.

Kangaroos hanging out at the golf course.

New Zealand was beautiful. This was the day of the tt and the wind was brutal! Just look at the waves and grass!

The day of the presentation some High School students performed the Haka dance. They use to do this dance before they went into battle. It's a pretty intense dance.

Another beautiful picture of New Zealand!

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